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Come out, Come out...Where ever you are...

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

So...what's new? Hope this post finds you well, safe and doing the best you can with what you've got.

We've been back at it in rehearsal for a couple weeks now, preparing for our debut at Sellersville Theater on May 21, 2021. Our rehearsal "studio" is essentially, my living room / dining room. Band in the LR, Amanda, Irene and I in the dining room and we put Z in the kitchen lol...thinking outside of the box is kind of our thing.

Mark & Mark Incorporated, in Z's sacred space

Looking forward to the year, book a couple more shows. Work has started on Joni's "Court & Spark", May's show will be a combo, not album show - our faves, hopefully yours too - and more work planning work on my part for our next show.

Tickets for Sellersville can be found here: It's in theater AND live stream!

Wait until you see what Sellersville has done - 5 four top tables in the front - socially distanced for groups of 4. Ticket holders in theater seats will be grouped together - and separated by clear plexiglass - I know, sounds weird - but they did a beautiful job with it and viewing is unobstructed. There's only about 125 tickets - so PLENTY of room to spread out.

Irene takes on "Don't Interrupt the Sorrow"

So concludes my first blog post - what is this going to be? I don't know - a little about Reckless Daughter, sharing out more Associated Artists & Bands we love, talkin' music...however it evolves...what I do know is, we'll figure it out together.

Enjoy your Sunday...Stay Reckless...


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